The Oak Cliff Lions Club has been a long-standing institution in the Dallas area for over 80 years.  Since the club's beginnings in the 1920's, prominent members of the City's and State's Leadership have given their time and service to its charities.  As a result, our club has been recognized over and over... Below are a few of the honors the Oak Cliff Lions Club and its members have received over the years: 

Lions Clubs International 

Ambassador of Good Will Award
The Ambassador of Good Will Award is the highest Award presented by Lions International. A maximum of 25 are awarded worldwide on an annual basis by the International President.
PDG Marion B. Snider*   1969
Gordon Rea   1969
PDG Bill Melton   1983
PDG Wayne Meachum   2008 

International President's Award
The International President's Award is the second highest Award of Lions Clubs International.
PDG Marion B. Snider*   1969, 1973, 1978, 1983
Gordon Rea   1969, 1970, 1971, 1972
PDG Sylvan Moritz*   1975, 1978, 1985
PDG Bill Melton   1981
PDG Wayne Meachum   2005, 2007
Dennis Jeter  2009 
Abigail Tupper   2019
Nia MacKay  2022

International President's Leadership Medal
The International President's Leadership Medal is the third highest Award of Lions International.
Stoney Greene   2004
Michelle Metzger   2004
PDG Wayne Meachum   2004
PDG Bill Melton   2008
Rich Buickerood   2009
Iris Smith   2013
Darla Wisdom   2013

International President's Lions Recognition Award
The Lions Recognition Award is given to "Lions who distinguished themselves in a disaster relief effort, lifesaving endeavor, or a service activity otherwise deemed appropriate by the International President."
Charlie Tupper   2019 (First Award Presented in Texas)

Melvin Jones Fellowship Award
The Melvin Jones Fellow Award is the highest Award of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). The Award is based upon an unrestricted contribution of a minimum of $1,000 to LCIF.
PDG Sylvan Moritz*   1992
Tom Young*   1993
Oscar "Bill" Eagle*   1994
Fred Ferguson   1994
O. N. Moffett*   1996
PDG Bill Melton   1998
PDG Marion B. Snider*   1998
Carne Cunningham*   2001
Robert Hirsh   2002
Michelle Metzger   2006
PDG Wayne Meachum   2007
Amy Alburtis   2010
Rich Buickerood   2010
Bonnie Breazeale*   2010
Mark Snyder   2010
Darla Wisdom   2011
John Dodd   2012
Carol Donovan   2012
Dennis Jeter   2012
Charlie Tupper   2012
Tom Timmons   2012
JoAnn Holt Caussey   2014
Larry Frazier   2014
Bill Lawhorn   2014
Iris Smith  2014, 2017
Stan Altschuler   2019
Steve Bayless   2019
Steve Elwell   2019
Ruben Esquivel   2019
Layne Vincent  2019
Nia MacKay  2021
Paul Nielsen  2021
Dan Cunningham  2022
Diana Ezzell  2022

Life Membership - Lions Clubs International
Any Member of a Club who has maintained active membership as a Lion for 20 years and has rendered outstanding service to the Club, the community, or the Association, may be granted Life Membership upon recommendation of the Club to the Association, payment as required, and approval by the International Board of Directors.
PDG Marion B. Snider*   1983
PDG Bill Melton   1990
Carne Cunningham*   2010
Fred Ferguson   2010 
Wayne Meachum   2018 
Darla Wisdom   2018 

Key Awards For Membership Recruitment
Key of State (75)
PDG Bill Melton

Senior Master Key (25)
Carolyn Dunnigan*
Jerry Gilmore*
Steve Levine
PDG Wayne Meachum

Master Key (15)
Don Hicks*
Robert Allen*

Master Key (12)
Fred Ferguson
Sam Monzingo*
Dr. Parmer Richardson*

Builder Key (10)
Charlie Tupper

Advancement Key (6)
Bennie Brigham*
Jim Buerger
Dennis Jeter

Membership Key (5)
Larry Frazier
Stoney Greene
Gerry Hurst*
Iris Smith
Jimmy Watson*
Darla Wisdom

Membership Key (4)
Jo Ann Holt
Mark Snyder

Membership Key (2)
Amy Alburtis
Bobby Allen
Bonnie Breazeale*
Carne Cunningham*
Dan Cunningham
Steve Elwell
Weldon Estes
C.E. Groves*
Bill Harper
Corky Harris
Lisa Hembry
Robert Hirsh
Joe Jessing
Richard Justiss*
Diana LaQuey
Dr. Bill Lawhorn
Mike Lott*
John McCall, Sr.*
John McCall, Jr.
Tasie Semos
Shelby Starr
Awards are presented by Lions Clubs International.  New members count toward these awards when the person remains a member of the club for at least one year and one day.

Lions Of Texas - Multiple District 2 

Texas Lions Hall Of Fame
The Lions of Texas award membership into the Texas Lions Hall of Fame to outstanding Lions of the 16 Districts of Texas Lionism on a three-year alternating basis. The District Governor and Cabinet make the selection and submit the Awardee to Multiple District 2.
PID R. A. "Dick" Self*   1972
PDG W. T. "Dub" Nelson*   1989
PDG Marion Snider*   1995
PDG Sylvan Moritz*   1998
PDG Bill Melton   2007 

Texas Lions Foundation Fellow Award
The Texas Lions Foundation (TLF) is an organization committed to two areas: humanitarian services and disaster relief. The Texas Lions Foundation Fellow Award may be presented upon the designated contribution by a Club or individual.
Carolyn Dunnigan*   1993 

Texas Lions Museum and MD 2 State Office
Ebb Grindstaff Fellowship Award
Darla Wisdom   2018 

District 2-X1 

Dr. R.A. "Dick" Self Award / "Outstanding District Club" Award
The Dr. R.A. "Dick" Self Award, named in honor of Oak Cliff Lions Club Charter Member and Past President and Lions Clubs International Director, is annually presented by the District Governor to the Club deemed to be the most outstanding Club in Lions District 2-X1 for that year. Prior to 1985, the District Governor designated an "Outstanding District Club" for each Lions Year
Oak Cliff Lions Club   1977-78   President Bill Melton
Oak Cliff Lions Club   1988-89   President Mark Snyder
Oak Cliff Lions Club   2006-07   President Rich Buickerood
Oak Cliff Lions Club   2014-15   President Steve Bayless
Oak Cliff Lions Club   2021-22   President Nia MacKay

District 2-X1 "Lion of the Year" Award
Each year the District Governor selects a Lion deemed to have met the ideals and commitment to Lionism and District 2-X1 as the "Most Outstanding District Lion" for that Lions Year
2021-22   Nia MacKay           Oak Cliff Lions Club

100% District Club / Club Excellence Award
The Award is presented to Clubs each year who further the Goals of Lionism, where the Club President has qualified for the 100% President/Club President Excellence Award and the Club Secretary is also so qualified; lead Officers attend at least two Cabinet Meetings; Club publishes a Newsletter; no unpaid balances at year's end; make 100% contributions to at least seven of nine District supported Charities; submit all Club Reports timely; participate in Gavel Travel; and have a net gain in Club Membership during the Year.
1977-78   President Bill Melton
1988-89   President Mark Snyder
1995-96   President Carolyn Dunnigan*
1997-98   President Bonnie Breazeale*
1998-99   President John Dodd 
2008-09   President Darla Wisdom
2012-13   President Iris Smith 
2017-18 President John McCall, Jr.   [Nia McKay, "Secretary of the Year"]

100% President Award / President's Excellence Award
The Award is presented to a Club President if the Club has furthered the Goals of Lionism; conducted at least one major fund raiser during the year; the President has attended at least two Zone Meetings, Club Officers Training, District, Multiple District Training; submitted all Reports timely; remains in good standing with Lions International as of June 30th; achieved a net gain in Membership as of June 30th; New Members have been properly Inducted and Oriented; Club makes contribution to LCIF; and the President explains the most outstanding achievement of the Club during the Year.
1976-77   President Bill Lewis
1977-78   President Bill Melton
1988-89   President Mark Snyder
1995-96   President Carolyn Dunnigan*
1997-98   President Bonnie Breazeale*
2000-01   President Wayne Meachum
2002-03   President Michelle Metzger
2008-09   President Darla Wisdom
2012-13   President Iris Smith 

Outstanding Achievement Service Activity Reporting Award
An Annual Award presented to the Club best reporting all Club activities, including Programs, Events, Meetings, and other non-Lion activities
2020-21   Oak Cliff Lions Club   President Paul Nielsen
  2021-22   Oak Cliff Lions Club   President Nia MacKay

Jimmy Thompson Fellowship
The Jimmy Thompson Award is presented by the Julien C. Hyer Youth Camp for the contribution of $1,000.00 by a Lions Club or individual. The Award Honors 42 year Lion Jimmy Thompson, long-time Board Member and supporter of the Julien C. Hyer Youth Camp.
Diana Ezzell   2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Larry Frazier   2013
James "Corky" Harris   2013
Josh Holt   2013
PDG Bill Melton   2013
Charlie Tupper   2013
Darla Wisdom   2013
David Ezzell   2014

Dr. William S. Harris Award
The Dr. William S. Harris Award is presented by the Lions District 2-X1 Sight and Tissue Foundation for the contribution of designated funds or special services to the Foundation by Clubs or individuals.
Bill Tucker*   2003
PDG Wayne Meachum   2004, 2007
PDG Bill Melton   2004
Stan Altschuler   2007
Danny Boyce   2007
Rich Buickerood   2007
Carolyn Dunnigan*   2007
Sylvia Flores   2007
Wendy Fox   2007
Larry Frazier   2007
Stoney Greene   2007
Lisa Hembry   2007
Robert Hirsh   2007
Joe Jessing   2007
Mike Lott*   2007
John McCall, Sr.*  2007
Stan McDonald   2007
Michelle Metzger   2007
David Mills   2007
Carrie Smith   2007
Iris Smith   2007
Tom Timmons   2007
Darla Wisdom   2007 

Jack Wiech Fellowship
The Jack Wiech Fellowship is presented by the Texas Lions Camp for the contribution of designated funds or special services to the Camp by Clubs or individuals.
PDG Wayne Meachum   2007
Stan McDonald   2007
PDG Bill Melton   2007
Danny Boyce   2009
Bonnie Breazeale*   2009
Joe Jessing   2009
Mike Lott*   2009
Darla Wisdom   2009
Richard Lenzner   2010
Steve Bayless   2013
Carol Donovan   2013
Wendy Fox   2013
Paula Maroney   2013
Iris Smith   2013 

Texas Lions Camp - Life Members
A person may become a Life Member of the Texas Lions Camp, located at Kerrville, Texas by means of being named by his or her Lions Club following a contribution to the Camp or through an individual donation to the Camp.
Amy Alburtis
Steve Bayless
Danny Boyce
Bennie Brigham*
Rich Buickerood
Pat Caldwell*
Jo Ann Holt Caussey
Carne Cunningham*
John Dodd
Fred Ferguson
Larry Frazier
Joe Jessing
Corky Harris
Don Hicks*
Josh Holt
Dennis Jeter
Dr. Bill Lawhorn
Steve Levine
Mike Lott*
Kathie Magers
PDG Bill Melton
Iris Smith
Carole Sprague
Mark Snyder
Bill Tucker* 

Lions Sight & Tissue Foundation - Life Members
A person may become a Life Member of the Lions Sight & Tissue Foundation of District 2-X1 by means of being named by his or her Lions Club following a contribution to the LS&TF or through an individual donation to LS&TF.
Steve Bayless
Pat Crenshaw
Ruben Esquivel
Fred Ferguson
Larry Frazier
Jerry Gilmore*
Kerry Goodwin
Corky Harris
Dennis Jeter
Dr. Bill Lawhorn
Mike Lott*
PDG Bill Melton
Bobbie Smith
Layne VIncent
Carol Donovan
Stan Altschuler

Pancho Luna Gold Award
Pat Crenshaw
Charlie Tupper
Mike Lott*

Pete Anderson Award
Michelle Metzger
PDG Darla Wisdom
Julien C. Hyer Lions Youth Camp - Life Members
A person may become a Life Member of the Julien C. Hyer Lions Youth Camp by means of being named by his or her Lions Club following a contribution to the JHYC or through an individual donation to JHYC.
Diana LaQuey Ezell
Joan Harris
Linda Levine
Steve Levine
PDG Bill Melton
Charlie Tupper
David Mills

Oak Cliff Lions Club 

Lion Of The Year
This award is presented to a Lion who is deemed to have accomplished a major achievement that year in behalf of the Club, the Community and Lionism. Selection is the prerogative of the President.
Kennie Ritchel*   1956
Not awarded   1957-58
Ed Church*   1959
John Patton*   1960
T. Roy Hudson*   1961
David Braden*   1962
V. E. Hawes*   1963
Ed Thompson*   1964
Tom Young*   1965
J. E. Coleman*   1966
Dennis Jeter   1967
Ronald Hughes*   1968
Ed Thompson*   1969
Gaby Bjerke*   1970
Dr. W. C. Jones*   1971
John Sprowls   1972
Bennie Brigham*   1973
Harold D. Schackman*   1974
Steve Bayless   1975
Hubert Burden*   1976
Fred Ferguson & Tom Young*   1977
Douglas Laird   1978
Ted Dempsey*   1979
Don Rowe*   1980
Earl Kay*   1981
Don Rowe*   1982
Steve Levine   1983
Al Chauvin   1984
J. C. "Abe" Barnett*   1985
Steve Gleason   1986
Herschel Samples   1987
Dan Eddy*   1988
Gordon Rea   1989
Carolyn Dunnigan*   1990
Dan Eddy*   1991
Bonnie Breazeale* & Steve Elwell   1992
Mark Snyder & Corky Harris   1993
Bud Stallworth*   1994
Marshall Hughes*   1995
Dan Cunningham   1996
Eric Bailey   1997
Mike Lott*   1998
Iris Smith   1999
Bill Harper   2000
Amy Alburtis   2001
Joe Jessing   2002
Robert M. Allen*   2003
Stan Altschuler, Don Herring, Bill Melton, Michelle Metzger & Darla Wisdom   2004
John Dodd, Larry Frazier, Lisa Hembry, Nora Mercado, Ann Washburn   2005
Charlie Tupper   2006
Danny Boyce   2007
Robert Hirsh   2008
Mike Lott*   2009
Layne Vincent   2010
Steve Bayless and Wendy Fox   2011
Stan Altschuler   2012
Darla Wisdom   2013
Larry Frazier, Chris King   2014
Joe Jessing   2015
John McCall, Jr.  2016
Iris Smith  2017
Perry Flowers  2018
Nia MacKay  2019
Teri Bailey  2020
Sara Kitto  2021
Sheryll McKay, PDG Wayne Meachum, Charlene Vezina, 2022

Cub Of The Year
Cub of the year is a member who has been in the club one year and chosen by the President for outstanding service to the club for that year.
G. O. Slaughter*   1977-78
Don Rowe*   1978-79
Al Chauvin   1979-80
Tom Coleman*   1980-81
Butch Arnold   1981-82
Bill Tucker*   1982-83
Jim Davis   1983-84
Randall Brown   1984-85
John Mason   1985-86
Robert Hazelbaker   1986-87
Charles Musacchio   1987-88
Steve McGregor*   1988-89
Bud Stallworth*   1989-90
Gary Drew   1990-91
Tony Vigil   1991-92
Skip Smith   1991-93
Not awarded   1993-94
Dixie Smith   1994-95
Jim Bowden   1995-96
Chris Pommerening   1996-97
Amy Alburtis   1997-98
Robert M. Allen*   1998-99
Durhl Caussey   1999-00
Ann Washburn   2000-01
David Mills   2001-02
Chris King   2002-03
Fawn Walker   2003-04
Ashley Chretien, Layne Vincent, Susi Vincent   2005
Ajay Torres,   2006
Jay Forrester   2007
Miguel Ramirez   2008
Jeff and Diane Francis   2009
Joan Harris   2010
Paula Maroney   2011
Judy Porter   2012
Frances Stinnett   2013
Bobbi Smith   2014
Blake Lindsay 2015
Sheryll McKay  2016
Sian Riley  2017
Alan Schrock  2018
Suzanne Buss  2019
Teri Lipscomb  2020
Bob Hodge  2021
Sydney Allen  2022

Oak Cliff Lions Club Extravaganza Dedication
Beginning in 1977, the "Extravaganza" has been Dedicated to a worthy Oak Cliff Lion or Lions for their Dedication and support of the Club and the "Extravaganza". Those who have been so honored are:
Harold Schackman*,  1977 
Oscar "Bill" Eagle*,  1978 
Harry Selman*,  1979 
No Dedications Made,  1980-85 
Bill Leavell*,  1986 
Jerry Vincent*,  1987 
The Cast and Crew of the 1948 "Oak Cliff Lions Minstrel",  1988 
Tom and Mary Young*,  1989 
Fred Ferguson,  1990 
The "Nitty Gritty Band",  1991 
John Connell*,  1992 
Corky and Joan Harris,  1993 
Sylvan Moritz*,  1994 
Marshall Hughes*,  1995 
Harold Bridges* and Carl Moffat*,  1996 
Carne Cunningham*,  1997 
The Past Presidents of the Oak Cliff Lions Club,  1998 
The Allison Snyder* Family,  1999 
No "Extravaganza" held,  2000 
Janet Nelson,  2001 
Bill Melton,  2002 
Robert Hirsh,  2003 
Iris Smith,  2004 
Carolyn Dunnigan*,  2005 
Steve & Marna Bayless,  2006 
Dan Cunningham and Dr. Thurman Ray*,  2007 
Mike Lott*,  2008
Dr. Bill Lawhorn, Paula Craig and Pat Crenshaw,  2009 
Darla Wisdom,  2010
Dr. Burt Bryan,  2011
"Extravaganza" not held in 2012
John McCall, Jr.,  2013
David Mills,  2014
Al Bell*, 2015
Sara Kitto  2016
"Extravaganza" discontinued in 2017

"Grass Roots Lion" Award
The "Grass Roots Lion" Award is to recognize the dedication of Lions who have done unheralded service for their club, community and Lionism, and have been Lions for five years or less.
John Connell*   1986-87 
Marshall Hughes*   1987-88 
Jerry Adkins   1988-89 
Carne Cunningham*   1989-90 
Dodson Hanes*   1990-91
Bud Stallworth*   1991-92
Charles Musacchio   1992-93
Ginger Parson   1993-94
Skip & Dixie Smith   1994-95
Robert Hirsh   1995-96
Mike Lott*   1996-97
Kathie Magers   1997-98
Amy Alburtis   1998-99
Iris Smith   1999-00
Shelby Starr   2000-01
Ruth Wilson*   2001-02
Linda Peterson   2002-03
Nora Mercado   2003-04
Stan Altschuler   2004-05
Layne and Susi Vincent   2005-06
Amy Alburtis, PDG Bill Melton and PDG Wayne Meachum   2006-07
Alice Zaccarello   2007-08
Wendy Fox   2008-09
Jeff Francis   2009-10
Carole Sprague and Pat Crenshaw   2010-11
Paula Maroney   2011-12
Nia Mackay   2012-13
Frances Stinnett   2013-14
Judy Porter  2014-15
Bobbi Smith  2015-16
Cynthia Konda  2016-17
Charlene Vezina  2017-18
Patrick Tester 2018-19*
Teri Lipscomb 2019-20
none selected 2020-21
Bob Hodge, 2021-22

Honorary Life Membership - Board Of Directors
From time to time, the Club President may recommend and the Board of Directors may vote a Club Member to become an Honorary Life Member of the Club Board of Directors. The position shall be a non-voting position; however, said Honorary Life Member may attend all Board Meetings and participate in discussions.
PID Dr. Richard A. Self   1956*
Dr. W. C. Jones   1975*
Dr. Frank Shultz   1975*
Teddy Harris   1979*
Dr. Wallace B. Wilkinson   1979*
Dr. H. K. Crutcher   1979*
PDG Sylvan Moritz   1980*
PDG W.T. "Dub" Nelson   1980*
PDG Bill Melton   1981
PDG Wayne Meachum   2007
PDG Darla Wisdom   2014 

Oak Cliff Lions Club "Robert Hirsh 100% Lion Award"
Started in 2002, this Award is presented annually to Oak Cliff Lions who have brought in a new member, had perfect attendance, participated in Club, District or International activities, worked in various Club activities and participated in fund raising activities, among other requirements.
Amy Alburtis,   2006
Robert M. Allen*,   2005, '06
Stan Altschuler,   2009, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16
Marna Bayless,   2010, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15
Steve Bayless,   2010, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15
Alison Beazley - Reece, 2015
Danny Boyce,   2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Suzanne Buss, 2018
Durhl Caussey,   2010, 2011, '12, '13, '14
Jo Ann Holt Caussey,   2002, '10, '13, '14
Pat Crenshaw,   2013, '14
Paula Craig,   2002
Carol Donovan,   2012, '13
Carolyn Dunnigan*,   2010, '11, '12
Wendy Fox,   2010, '12
Jeff Francis,   2010, '11
Kathy Frazier,   2009, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, 16, 17, 18, 19
Larry Frazier,   2004, '05, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15. '16. '17, '18, '19
Dick Geiger*,   2010, '11, '12, '13
James "Corky" Harris,   2008, '09, '10, '11, '12, '15
Joan Harris,   2010, '11, '12, '15
Robert Hirsh,   2002, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, 16, '17, '18. '19
Linda Hodge, 2018
Joe Jessing,   2009, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15
Sara Kitto, 2017
Dr. Bill Lawhorn,   2009
Richard Lenzner,   2011, '13
Dr. Dennis Lindsey*,   2002
Mike Lott*,   2010, '11, '12, '14, '15
Sheryll McKay, 2018, 19
Mickey MacKay, '20
Nia MacKay, 2016, '17, '18, '19, '20
Kathie Magers,   2007, '10, '11, '12, '13
Paula Maroney,   2012, '13, '15
John McCall, Jr.,   2012, '13, '15
John McCall, Sr.*,   2013
Wayne Meachum,   2002, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16, '17, '19, '20
Bill Melton,   2002, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12
Nora Mercado,   2005, '07, '09, '10, '11, '12
Michelle Metzger,   2002, '03, '04
David Mills,   2003, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '16, '17, '18. '19
Miguel Ramirez,   2009
Senada Rustic, 2015, '16
Anastasia Semos-Shelton, 2019
Iris Smith,   2010, '13
Carole Sprague,   2010, '12, '13
Shelby Starr,   2007, '09
Tom Timmons,   2010, '11
Charlie Tupper,   2002, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16, '17, '18, '19, '20
Charlene Vezina, 2019
Judy Vincent,   2010, '11, '13
Layne Vincent,   2012, 2013, 2019
Ann Washburn,   2004
Joe Wells,   2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Ruth Wilson*,   2003
Darla Wisdom,   2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, '15, '16, '17, '18, '19

*award not presented in '21 due to pandemic

Oak Cliff Lions Club Endowment Trust Award
A Lion or individual may be presented the Oak Cliff Lions Club Endowment Trust Award by making a one-time contribution of $500.00 or more to the Oak Cliff Lions Club Endowment Trust. Established in 1966, the Trust serves as a reserve source of funds for the Club's Board of Directors. Since 1978, utilizing earnings only from the Trust, the Club has chosen to to award College Scholarships to worthy students from Oak Cliff area high schools. Three of the Scholarships are named for worthy Lions; the first, "Oak Cliff Lions Club Dr. W. C. 'Bill' Jones Scholarship", after the Charter Member and Past President; the second, "Oak Cliff Lions Club Dr. Dennis Lindsey Scholarship", after the Founding President of the Endowment Trust; and the third, "Oak Cliff Lions Club John Connell Scholarship", after the largest contributor the the Trust,therein after, if there are additional Scholarships to be awarded within the same year, they shall be named the "Oak Cliff Lions Club Scholarship". The Trust has grown steadily through the years through singular contributions, Memorial Gifts and Estate designations.
Numerous 1966 Members of the Oak Cliff Lions Club 
Estate of John and Winnie Connell*
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Bailey*
Judge Robert E. Day*
Mrs. Bob Lee*
Square Foot, Inc.
Robert and Carol Hirsh
Dr. Elba Garcia
PDG Bill Melton

* Deceased
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