A Club tradition started many years ago had the Immediate Past Club President “humbled” before the Club membership and his or her spouse with a hearty and lively “Roast” that poked fun at the Immediate Past President (IPP) and his or her year as President of the Oak Cliff Lions Club.  It is a day not to be missed at the Club as the laughter could be heard throughout Oak Cliff.   Originally, the IPP was traditionally “greeted” sometime during the “Roast” with a pie in the face.

The “Roast” was discontinued for unknown reasons in 1980, but was resumed in 2001, and served as a fund raiser for the Club. Pies, for "Immersion" of the Past President, were auctioned, with the proceeds aiding Club projects, raising some $20,000 before the “Roast” was again basically discontinued  in 2016.  The "Roast" served as a final "Salute" to the Immediate Past President for his or her service to the Oak Cliff Lions Club.

By official action of the Board of Directors, the Annual Immediate Past President’s “Roast” was to be held on the first Wednesday of January each year.  Unfortunately, the “Roast” is “on hold” until a future Club President re-schedules the Event.

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