In 1979, Past President O.N. Moffett began personally hosting an annual luncheon for the Past Presidents of the Oak Cliff Lions Club. The special event was always held in the Westview Room at the Top 'O The Cliff Club atop the Oak Cliff Bank Building (now Bank of America). Only Past Presidents and the current Club President were, and are, invited to attend. 20 to 25 Past Presidents always attended the Luncheon and dined on an elaborate filet mignon dinner. PP Moffett always made comments and then there was a brief program presented by one of the very talented Past Presidents. Photographs were taken and great fellowship was had by all. 

In 1998, Moffett passed away less than a week prior to that year’s Luncheon; however, the Moffett Family stepped in said it would be Lion O.N.’s desire that the event go on. And it did. Tributes were paid to the Founder, the Past President’s voted unanimously to continue the Luncheon, at their own expense, and the name “O.N. Moffett Past President’s Luncheon” was established. A different Past
President is in charge of the Luncheon and Program each year, usually set for the second Tuesday of March. But now, over 40 years later, the legacy of Lion Moffett’s kindness lives on each March, which is only fitting considering that PP Moffett had 52 years of Perfect Attendance in the Oak Cliff Lions Club. 

The Past Presidents of the Oak Cliff Lions Club share a common bond. Each one has led the fund raising, administrative, Weekly Programs, The CUB, and all other aspects of "The Greatest Lions Club in Lions International". The Annual "O.N. Moffett Past President's Luncheon" brings all of these Past Presidents, active or inactive, together to once again pause to share their great memories of the time when they were fortunate enough to serve as President of one of Dallas' greatest assets - the Oak Cliff Lions Club!
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