The Founder’s Day Committee requested that the two Club Presidents who served during the 75th year secretly select a group of Lions that represent the tradition and history of the Club across the years. These Lions will be known as 75th Anniversary “Cornerstone Lions”. Many have served and certainly many great Lions are not included, but are represented by the extension of Lionism through these 18 Lions: 

David R. Braden,  joined 1954; President, 1967-68; Tail Twister, twice; CUB Editor;  Interlocutor, Oak Cliff Lions Minstrel Show; “Lion of the Year”; Author of “I’m Sick And Tired Of Being Told I’m Sick” read at Club, read into Congressional Record, and honored by Freedom’s Foundation at Valley Forge.

Rene Cox*,  Charter Member of Club and Charter President, 1929; Well known community leader; Past President of Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce.

John Connell*, joined 1980; Grass Root Lion Award; Top Extravaganza Ticket Salesman for many years; Extravaganza Dedication; Estate left thousands of dollars to Oak Cliff Lions Endowment Trust Fund.  

Carne Cunningham*, joined 1949; Grass Root Lion Award; Melvin Jones Fellow; Two Member Key; Extravaganza Dedication;  Long-time Member of the Oak Cliff Lions Club Nitty Gritty Band, which has raised funds for Club charities.

Clyde DeLay, joined 1946;  Longest Term Continuous Member of the Oak Cliff Lions Club,  58 Years. Community Leader in Oak Cliff Chamber.

Carolyn Dunnigan, joined 1987;  President, 1995-96; First Female President of Oak Cliff Lions Club; CUB Editor; “Lion of the Year”.

Dan Eddy*, joined 1978; Extravaganza Ticket Chairman; Program Chairman; 12 Member Master Key; “Lion of the Year”, twice; “Oak Cliff Lions Club Humanitarian Award”; Promoter of numerous New Member Recruiting Projects.

Fred Ferguson, joined 1964; President, 1974-75; 12 Member Master Key; Master of Ceremonies, Oak Cliff Lions Club Extravaganza; Melvin Jones Fellow; Tail Twister;  Extravaganza Dedication;  “Lion of the Year”.

Dr. Dennis Lindsey*, joined 1955; President, 1963-64; Lion Tamer; Founding President of Oak Cliff Lions Endowment Trust.

Bill Melton, joined 1969; President, 1977-78;  District Governor, 1980-81; Lion Tamer, twice; Treasurer;  Founding  President of Oak Cliff Lions Humanitarian Award;  Melvin Jones Fellow;  60 Member Key;  “Life Member”, Oak Cliff Lions Board and Lions International; International President’s Award; Extravaganza Dedication;  Lions International Parade Announcer; Ambassador of Goodwill Award – highest Award of Lions Clubs International.

O.N. “Onus” Moffett*, joined 1946; President, 1955-56; Lion Tamer; Melvin Jones Fellow;  Long-time Advisory Committee Chairman;  52 Years of Perfect Attendance in the Oak Cliff Lions Club.

Sylvan Moritz*, joined 1959; District Governor, 1974-75; Gavel Travel Chairman; 30 Member Key; “Life Member”, Oak Cliff Lions Board and Lions International;  Melvin Jones Fellow;   International President’s Award;  Extravaganza Dedication;  “Texas Lions Hall of Fame”.

Gordon Rea, joined 1960;  President, 1972-73;  Tail Twister, four times; Extravaganza  “Star”; “Lion of the Year”; Lions Clubs International Entertainer, 17 Years;  Ambassador of Goodwill Award – highest Award of Lions Clubs International.

Harold Schackman*, joined 1947; Long-time Extravaganza Prizes Chairman; “Mr. Oak Cliff Lion” – “Now Here’s The Deal!”; Melvin Jones Fellow;  Extravaganza Dedication;  “Lion of the Year;  “Oak Cliff Lions Club Humanitarian Award”.

Dr. R.A. “Dick” Self*, Charter Member, 1929;  President, 1942-43; District Governor, 1951-52;  Lions Clubs International Director, 1954-56; “Texas Lions Hall of Fame”.

Marion B. Snider, joined 1948; President, 1958-59; District Governor, 1960-61; Lion Tamer; Melvin Jones Fellow; Lions Clubs International Pianist, 17 Years; “Texas Lions Hall of Fame”; “Life Member”, Lions Clubs International; Ambassador of Goodwill Award – highest Award of Lions Clubs International.

Dr. Wallace B. Wilkinson*, joined  1933;  President, 1948-49; Lion Tamer; Leader in construction of Oak Cliff Eye Clinic near Dallas Zoo who donated at least one day per week for some 30 years to give eye examinations at Clinic to those in need and Leader in Club’s Annual Glaucoma Screening Clinics.

Tom Young, joined 1961;  President, 1971-72;  CUB Editor; Designer of “O.C. Lion” Mascot for Club; Melvin Jones Fellow; “Lion of the Year”, twice; Extravaganza “Star”; “Extravaganza Dedication” with his wife Mary;  Also, “Mr. Oak Cliff Lion”– always ready to support the Lions Motto, “We Serve”.

* Deceased (as of April 14, 2004)
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