The dedication Ceremony took place on October 30, 2004, at Founders Park, the gateway park to Oak Cliff. A number of city, state and county officials were expected to attend, including Mayor Pro Tem John Loza, County Judge Margaret Keliher, State Senator Royce West, and U. S. Congressman Martin Frost.

Also in attendance were members of the Oak Cliff Lions Club, Friends of Oak Cliff Parks, Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, the City of Dallas Park Board, the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs and interested members of the community.

The Time Capsule Committee was chaired by Past President John Dodd, who also donated a bronze lion statue to stand sentry over the Time Capsule. The vault for the Time Capsule, donated by Past President Dennis Jeter, contains copies of local newspapers, pictures of children and grandchildren born to Oak Cliff Lions Club members in 2004 and a number of letters and videos and proclamations. Past President Michelle Metzger was named to Chair the Committee that will be responsible for opening the Time Capsule in 25 years.

The inscription on the marker reads: “WE SERVE: This 75th anniversary monument is dedicated to the Lions who served our city, county, state, schools, businesses, charities and nation yesterday with unselfish leadership, vision and courage. Their past service provides lessons to develop the potential that lies within us to create a vision of hope for a better tomorrow. Oak Cliff Lions Club October 30, 2004."

After a Ceremony, including an invocation by Lion Don Hicks, remarks by community leaders, patriotic songs, dedication of the bronze lion statue and donation of a park bench by Friends of Oak Cliff Parks, a flyover, provided by the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, of vintage AT-6 Texan planes from the 1940's, "called in" by Ken Cordier, was held.

Pilots were Kevin Raulie, Aubrey Hair, Stuart Milson and Gordon Stevenson, who performed the "missing man" formation to honor those Lions who have passed on. The flyover was underwritten by a group of Oak Cliff Lions.

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