As the third son to follow his Father to President in this club, expectations are high.  In addition, to take office during our Centennial, creates an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation that comes only once in a lifetime.  While I have served president in many organizations, none give you the preparation like the Lions Club.  My last three years as V.P. have given me a valuable internal perspective that is so critical for this role. 

It is both an honor as well as a responsibility to lead the GREATEST LIONS CLUB IN LIONS INTERNATIONAL.  We did not become the” greatest” overnight, and I intend to respect what brought us here and hopefully improve on what we value, so that we may continue to rally behind that title.

Today’s Lions Club, are probably nothing close to what it was 100 years ago.  The life expectancy is much longer, the treatment for vision problems is much more advanced.  Likewise, the opportunity for individuals to serve, is vast.  In order to capture the attention of new and younger potential members, Lions Club needs to become more competitive in our appearance and our approach, to guests and visitors.  We need to maximize the power of social media and make our club inviting to all. 

My role as president is to encourage ALL members to recruit, to serve, to promote our club in a way that sets us apart from not only other lions clubs, but other philanthropic opportunities in our community.  Since we now have active members on our rooster that live in several counties as well as different states, we have the ability to reach new members like we have never done before.  Every day, we must tell ourselves as well as others- It is a great day to be a Lion!

I hope you will support me on this twelve month odyssey as I attempt to reverse the drop in membership.  I further hope you will support me in the balance to meet less and serve more.  I want increase our neighborhood exposure and instill a since of pride in every member that is addictive to others around you on your block, in your school, in your church, in your workplace.  If the world knows you belong to the GREATEST LIONS CLUB IN LIONS INTERNATIONAL,   my job will be done!  I look forward to our journey.  Lets focus less on the map, and more on the destination.  Thank you again for this coveted opportunity.


John McCall Jr.

President 2017 - 2018

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