Fellow Lions,

A little over three years ago today, I received that fateful call from Lion Charlie Tupper asking me to be Third Vice President of the Oak Cliff Lions Club. I remember wondering if he was even serious. I had never held an office in the club before and it was frightening to think about. I also remember thinking to myself that I had three whole years to prepare before taking office… Dang! Was that ever a short three years!

Today I am thrilled and honored to follow in the footsteps of many great Lions before me. I have chosen this year’s theme to be “90 Years Strong”. It is amazing that our club has been in existence for nine decades but it has been a great nine decades. During that time, our club has raised an extraordinary amount of money and spent untold hours of time doing good things. Our motto “We Serve” is much more than a motto; for our club, it’s a way of life. I say that we are ninety years strong because to me, this club is as strong as it has ever been. We might not have as many members as in the past, but the members we have are tireless in their service to the community and those who need us.

I want this year to be known as a year of growth for our club. With your help, we will raise our membership and our fundraising to new heights. I challenge each and every one of you to be involved and to find your place in service within the club. There are countless ways to serve and I am available 24/7 to advise, just ask me. I also challenge each of you to bring in just one new member before the year is over. If we all bring one member into the club, we will double in size and be on our way to taking our rightful place as the largest Lions Club in District 2-XI.

I am so proud of this club and its many accomplishments. Our members are a virtual “Who’s Who” in the City of Dallas and it is inspiring to be with them every week and to serve hand in hand at the various events. In my work as Zone Chair and with the Julien C. Hyer Youth Camp, I have had the opportunity to visit many Lion’s Clubs in our district and others. I have found our club to be the most diverse in every way… gender, ethnicity, religion and age. That diversity is much of what makes our club special and strong. Our members have embraced diversity like no other and it’s my desire to use that gift to unite our club where other clubs might divide. As Lion Past President Anastasia Semos said “We are all different but as Lions, we are the same”.

Special thanks to Lion Anastasia whose accomplishments this year, both seen and unseen have made this club a better place. It is because of her hard work that I am able to better focus my year on membership and fundraising.

I am so proud to be an Oak Cliff Lion. We are strong, we are diverse, we are proud, we are compassionate, we are successful and most of all, we are The Greatest Lions Club in all of Lions International!

Thank you very much for this opportunity to serve.

Much Love,

Lion Diana Ezzell

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