My Fellow Lions,

The time has come for all of us to ask ourselves a simple question; that is, do we really server? Oh, I know we can point to money raised, to efforts for Lions Charities, Sports Extravaganza, eye clinics and other things but what does “We Serve” really mean? We attend meetings on Wednesdays, committee meetings whenever we have time, we do whatever it takes for perfect attendance and several of our members are truly dedicated in service. Each week we hear our Lion Tamer with his welcome to “the Greatest Lions Club in Lions International.” Wouldn’t it be the supreme thrill if in fact not only we but Lions International believed that greeting? 

I truly believe this is the greatest Lions Club in Lions International. But proving that each day, each week and each year is a challenge. It’s a challenge I gladly and eagerly accept. In turn, I challenge each one of you, every member of our club, to serve. To be the best Lion you can be. To make the world believe we are the Greatest Lions Club in Lions International!

I want see this club as being known for our ability to get things done. Known to pitch in to help a friend. Known to be the go- to organization in North Oak Cliff when you are in need of help. For too long we have been a club known for writing checks. Not to say that is a bad thing but I see more. More from me. More from you. Collectively… more! 

In the coming year I’m going to challenge you to be the best Lion you can be. To that end we will be very active in service. Lion Darla Wisdom is heading up a program that will have us participating in at least 1 service project a month. These projects will range from helping clean up the Trinity River to feeding the poor at Feast of Sharing, to Kboom! (a program to help build playgrounds). I view projects such as these as not only a way to better our club and Lions in general but perhaps more importantly I see them as a way to challenge ourselves to to be the best Lions we can be.The best versions of ourselves.

From where I stand the future is bright. We have a strong membership, excellent leadership and the will to do great things. As we all know, where there’s a will, there’s away.

I want you to

“Challenge Yourself to be the Best You Can Be!”

R. Layne Vincent

President 2016-2017

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