Andy Fancher, Andy Fancher Presents

  • May 30, 2018
  • 12:00 PM
  • Weiss Auditorium Methodist Hospital Dallas Education Building

Andy Fancher is a home-schooled teenager that spends his free time video recording interviews with the remaining WWII Vets preserving their stories that will soon be gone.

It all started with the great-grandfather Fancher never met.

Fancher was 9 and looking through family photos when he stumbled on a black-and-white picture of a man in military uniform. Fancher had never seen it before. On the back of the photo it said, "Italy 1945." This was Fancher's great-grandfather Gene T. Fancher, who served in the Army during World War II.

Gene died in 1970. Very few people in Fancher's family knew much about his time overseas. Fancher had questions: What was life like before the war? Did he ever see combat? Was he scared?

But there were no answers.

"If someone had interviewed my great-grandfather, that would've been very significant for me to have today, to hear his firsthand account of the war," Fancher said.

That sparked an interest in the 9-year-old to learn as much as he could about WWII. He watched films, read books and collected memorabilia.

But at 16, Fancher realized that the very people who lived during this historical period were dying. So he bought an expensive camera and created a  You Tube Channel. He would seek veterans and record their stories before it was too late.

Since then, Fancher has now interviewed over 52 veterans, both during the school year and summer break. He spends his free time editing the interviews, which last an average of two hours, then mixes in music and WWII footage. The final copy is a YouTube video cut to roughly five minutes.

Andy had been featured on NBC Nightly News and the Dallas Morning News.

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